Most of today’s businesses generate significant amounts of data and information. In order to keep that information safe and ensure that daily operations run smoothly, it is important to ensure that a solid hosting service is selected to house said data and keep it secure. The question that many individuals have when determining what computer network service to choose is often whether to opt for site-hosted data or a cloud-based solution. For many businesses, the answer is a cloud-based provider.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an easy option for data storage that can offer secure hosting at a good price. There are a few different kinds of cloud hosting options to consider. Public cloud hosting, for example, is a hosting service where your company’s information is stored in a cloud that also stores someone else’s information. Note that this does not mean the information is accessible by anyone other than you! Your information is always carefully secured, and access is only granted to those you decide should have it.

Private cloud hosting is similar to public cloud hosting, but the cloud is only used for your business’s information. The cloud is private, in other words, to your company. Hybrid cloud hosting is yet another option that mixes on-site data storage with cloud storage. This is a good option for businesses that have both information that is a high security threat as well as significant amounts of information that is a lower security threat.



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