BLUENOSEiT Brings the Symbiosis of Construction And IT Together

Your organization’s mission and operations can be compromised if you leave your physical infrastructure and operations data network to chance. Support your facility’s integrity and reduce vulnerability to cyber-attacks with construction and IT symbiosis from BLUENOSEiT. We work with clients to identify soft points in technical and physical infrastructure that hackers can capitalize on.

Our construction and IT solutions include planning, design, IT security audits, wireless, low-voltage cabling, smart building controls, managed IT security, and industrial controls. We specialize in operations, maintenance, managed services and alternative energy resources for partners and customers as part of a comprehensive approach to put data and organizational physical and non-physical resources safety at the forefront.

Our approach to construction and IT begins with our detailed knowledge and experience of applying the latest technical specifications throughout or to any part of the life-cycle of our clients’ IT and physical infrastructure. Whether it be in planning, design, construction management, maintenance, or operations, our solutions-based approach ensures protection of your high valued assets. We use the United Facilities Criteria and Cybersecurity Compliance Technical specifications guidelines for Construction and Cybersecurity best practices as a benchmark for our solutions, ensuring a sound and secure launch point for your sustained secured operations.


Critical Infrastructure and Facilities: Physical Security for Construction

BLUENOSEiT is a leader in construction and IT solutions for programs and projects. No one wants to be a direct or soft target. That’s why we create and implement a modern day system based approach integrating cyber security, IT and construction solutions that meet and exceed businesses’ full operational life-cycles.

Our integrated solutions sets include:

– Architecture and Engineering (A/E) Design and Consulting
– General Construction
– General Management
– Inside & Outside Plant Cabling
– Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP)
– Integration and Installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV),Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Fire and Security Alarm Systems
– Video Monitoring Systems Design and Installation
– Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning
– Energy Audits
– Alternative Energy Consulting Services
– Supervisory Control Data Acquisition
– Smart Building and Industrial Controls
– Geospatial Information Systems

We design and deliver construction and IT solutions using federal and industry-vetted methods, as well as tools that harness up to date and relevant innovative technologies. We are well versed in providing IT managed services, physical security assessments of new buildings, additions, and major alterations of existing facilities. In addition, we provide services to improve the technical and physical security for private, commercial and existing mission critical facilities. Our team of highly trained professionals provides organizations with tailored solutions for their unique mission. including on-site and off-site assessments.

Managed Services

We provide IT security managed services to include help desk, IT security audits, policy and patch management, and cyber penetration testing services.

On-Site Assessments

Our approach to on-site security assessments includes a direct and comprehensive evaluation of your company’s infrastructure integrity. This includes determination of which cyber security and construction methods will best meet your physical and technical needs.

Off-Site Assessments

BLUENOSEiT can conduct physical and technical assessments remotely as well. We use the tactics and techniques of a hacker trying to penetrate your infrastructure.

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Saving U.S. Businesses

BLUENOSEiT started in 2013 and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Based out of San Diego, California, we provide cyber security and construction solutions, as well as consulting and critical infrastructure maintenance services, to small and large businesses around the United States. Our concept for construction and IT developed in 2012, beginning with the deployments of 2 military veterans. They observed how critical it was for the U.S. and other organizations to maintain strength in both physical and cyber infrastructure, in order to be a powerful force against bad actors.

In the government and commercial sector, mission success depend on an aggregate functionality between physical facilities/infrastructure, IT, communications and cyber security. Our honorably retired military servicemen created construction and IT solutions that they then took to industry partners and businesses across the U.S., providing technical expertise coupled with U.S. Navy leadership and management experience.

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