Application Security Consulting

Application Security Consulting

To avoid the “Find & Fix hamster wheel” that keeps teams in a perpetual cycle of futility, organizations need to amplify their secure development efforts and leverage experts through application security consulting to help address problems throughout the maturation process.

We employ a variety of techniques for identifying problems in your software and development processes. You’ll benefit from our collective experience and have access to frontline security engineers who continually research the threat landscape to understand hacker tools and techniques.

Application Security primary services include:

  1. Architecture and Design Review

Most vulnerabilities are introduced before a single line of code is written. An architecture and design review casts a critical eye over the security of an application’s structure and identifies weaknesses before they propagate into numerous code level vulnerabilities.

  1. SDLC Gap Analysis

A well-defined and secure development process significantly reduces time spent on vulnerability fixes and improves overall throughput. A secure SDLC Gap Analysis identifies key points within your SDLC to introduce or refine security activities. It also provides recommendations for improved tool usage and skills development. The result is a systematic roadmap to foster good security habits as part of each team member’s behavior.

  1. Staff Augmentation (On Demand)

Blue Nose consultants help overcome knowledge and resource gaps by advising your teams on security topics and/or implementing solutions for you – right when you need them. They serve as both a direct resource for on-demand guidance and as a trusted adviser anticipating your needs.

  1. Software Security Assessments (Penetration/ Code Reviews)

Unlike others vendors that rely on scanning for broad coverage, our software security experts focus on quality coverage by calibrating the breadth (automation) and depth (experts) of testing to software risk/complexity.

Leveraging our Platform Centers of Excellence, our software security assessments range from a deep, manually intensive test to a more technology driven inspection with expert tool operation and vulnerability verification.

Benefits include:

Accurate results and zero false positive guarantee –

We augment scanners with internally developed tools and techniques to hunt down vulnerabilities that evade automation, validating each one. Our tools independency ensures the right tool every time.

Superior Vulnerability Remediation IQ –

Platform-and language-specific guidance ensures problems are fixed correctly. Portal provides access to our courses, experts, and secure coding knowledgebase to avoid security regressions.

Any application type –

Mobile, Web, cloud, IoT, Desktop, etc. We test them all at any breadth, depth or frequency.

Risk-based findings –

We adjust vulnerability ratings based on your existing mitigating controls and defect classification/rating system.