IoT & Embedded Security Consulting

IoT & Embedded Security Consulting

Evaluate, Identify, and Enable Secure Implementation of IoT Devices

The complexity of IoT often results in a massive attack surface. Couple that with evolving security knowledge from the manufacturers of those devices and you have a high-risk environment ripe for exploit.

Our services examine your connected solutions at the physical, communications, and software levels.

Embedded Systems: Devices that gather data and interact with the world

Firmware: Software that runs on embedded devices

Wired/Wireless Communications: The chipsets and protocols that connect devices to each other, IP gateways, and remote systems

Supporting Infrastructure: Routers, switches, wireless bridges, and data aggregators

Cloud Services: The remote servers that manage data and control devices

Applications: The end user applications that provide access to the data or control the devices

IoT & Embedded Security primary services include:

  1. Embedded System Assessment

Our assessment methodologies are tailored to the nuances of embedded systems. We conduct in-depth assessments at the device, architecture, and software levels, providing detailed findings and defense recommendations from chip to code.

  1. IoT and Infrastructure Security

Leveraging expertise in communication protocols, network infrastructure, cloud security, RESTful APIs, and software security, we help you mitigate risks by providing full-stack analysis for your IoT systems and supporting infrastructure.

  1. Connected Car Consulting

We can help ensure your V2x systems are implemented securely.  We leverage unique expertise for connected car security testing and secure Over-the-Air (OTA) communications.  We also help you build security into connected vehicle platforms, integrate security activities into processes, and conduct attack simulations to identify weaknesses in automotive systems.